Sunday, February 19, 2012

Welcome to My World...

Welcome to my world :)
For those of you who know me, you will probably already know that you are in for a treat here! If nothing else, the candid and sometimes comical updates of my shenanigans will (hopefully) provide you with some relief from your day to day humdrum, and perhaps even inspire you to get out there and give it a shot (whatever "that" is )- whats the worst that can happen right? Well if you tune in to this page on a regular basis, you will no doubt get a lot of motivation to give anything a go - after all - if the worst case scenario has already happened to me, then I would like to think that I have in fact assisted in your growth- taken a hit for all of you, passed the knowledge on, and basically - done my part in making your life a great experience!
Housekeeping 101:
Being that I am in fact very good at my day job, and not so great at technical anythings - hence my superior knowledge and first name basis friendship with Jonathan at the W14th street Apple Genius Bar - there are most likely going to be some technical issues with this page - if you know of a better way to do something, think aloud and let me know - also be prepared to back that up with a Jonathan like friendship level where I will ask you questions until I am happy that I understand all components of any changes that you deem to be required....Here's a hint - I'm going to ask alot of questions, because I like to know how to do something well, as opposed to just knowing how to do it ...On the flip side - once I know how to do something, you probably wont have to repeat yourself with instructions a second time.....Just Sayin
What's all this about?
This is really a collection of my stories and experiences - from living in a foreign country, being a world traveller, living my life - including all of my Ups and Downs, having love (or Not), being silly, tasting new things, and most of all - laughter. I am of the understanding that you cannot have too much laughter in your life - life is difficult -sometimes it sucks the big one, so on occasion, its nice to just sit back, chill out and have a laugh. Over the years, I have noticed that people seem to hold the opinion that I am amusing, so that is what this is about! If you don't like reading about what I'm up to - then don't subscribe -  It's all good!!
So here is how this idea started....
A couple of years ago, I decided - in all my wisdom, that it was essential for me to buy a very expensive backpack from an urban outfitter I had never, ever purchased anything from before, and book a ticket on a train that started in China, and went overland through Mongolia, into Siberia, and ended in Russia...Really? In all honesty, and like most rash decisions that I have made in my life, I probably was drunk when I made this decison, but being of a stubborn nature, I never go back on a poor decision, so followed it through because - well I must have been meant to do it for a reason right ?
If you ask me today why the hell I did this, I still don't think I could answer you, as I have no clue (drunken blackout most likely) - I am very much a person who decides to do things spontaneously - alot.
What I did get from this experience - is a very comical travel journal, which, to this day still amuses me to no end. From trying to ask for toilet paper in a Chinese hotel, to being robbed by Gypsies in a Moscow subway system - It all happened, and there were alot of laughs and horrors along the way. If I ever get too caught up in my day to day difficultness - reading that travel journal is always something that Zens me back down, and I am good to continue with the awesomeness that is my life! Ahhhh Namaste...
I often tell people to never assume things, as life is very unexpected, but having said that I want to say, that until I moved to live here in the U.S of A, I was always of the assumption that I was really moving to the capital of the Western World, and that my life would not really require any drastic cultural changes to that of which I was accustomed from Living in Australia...Other than the fact that there are Millions of people in this city and most of them want to catch the subway at the exact same time as me!! Hey -Did anyone just see that flying Pig? How wrong was I to assume, and how different is my life exactly? Read on and stay tuned - every day I am amazed at new things - things which ordinarily wouldn't bother me or that I probably wouldn't even take notice of- except for the fact that they are RIDICULOUS!! Hahaha
Example of Ridiculousness for the week :
I would argue that I have been more flights than most people - not saying that I am better than anyone else, just had some great opportunities...Did I say Great? Well this weeks winner for most ridiculous is the woman on a flight from North Haven - Connecticut, to Baltimore - Maryland - a 45 minute flight from take off to touch down - who proceeded to put on flight socks, inflate a neck pillow and put on an eye mask (to assist in REM sleep patterns I presume? ) at the commencement of the journey...Really? Seriously - Really??  Now that is what I call Ridiculous!!!

This coming week, I am embarking on another adventure, which I am sure will bring alot of stories for my Blog - so sit back, make a cuppa, and enjoy!

OMG - I have a blog - how exciting!!!

Thanks for tuning in - if you like it - tell your friends and share the laughs - life is too short to keep them to yourself!
Cheers and have a great week everyone!

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  1. Welcome to the world of blogging Jo. Great first post - can't wait to hear more of your adventures.